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Šukica eel

If eels weren't so similar to snakes, I would clean and prepare them myself more often, grilled and alla brodetto. But this time I generously let Medo's kitchen clean it while I assigned myself the task of 'cleaning' the plates afterwards, which was not trouble at all. Medo had another, more difficult task: to wait for the eels to appear after a decent downpour of rain. The river proved to be the richest in eels at Šukica, the source of the eels for these dishes, so we decided to give it credit for it by naming this recipe after it.

Trout alla Jadro

Well, now that Lent has begun, it is the perfect period to cleanse the mind and also the body from all the heavy food eaten during all those feasts. When our people fast, they mostly want to eat sea fish and find a million and one ways to prepare it: they fry it, crumb it, marinate it etc. The Solin trout can also be prepared in all these ways. You only need to cast a fishing rod into the nearby Jadro River (of course, during the fishing season), and those who don't fish can pay a visit to our trout farm.

Royal Solin steak

This stake can be prepared as an Easter dish or for dinner parties as a genuine local specialty. Having a garden will save you from all that trouble of finding the herbs, you only need to buy one thing - the meat. And if you think some of your guests could be put off by the herbs from our meadows, don't tell what they are eating until after they have tried it - because they will be glad that they did, just like we were.


Have you decided to try some of the Solin traditional dishes after seeing all the town's attractions? You will not go wrong with dishes such as Trout alla Jadro, Queen Jelena's steak, grilled eels or Diocletian's pancakes. Read some of the many recipes from the traditional Solin cookbook "Notes from Medo's Kitchen“ that will take you back to the times of the ancient Salona and Croatian rulers.

From the cookbook What Will I Cook Today? – Notes from Medo's Kitchen

Text: Mia Sesartić
Recipes: Zoran Kljaković Gašpić – Medo
Photographs: Jakov Teklić