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Day trips

Have you decided to spend your holiday in Solin, but aren't exactly sure what to do? If you have already visited the ancient Salona, the Church of Our Lady of the Island, the Hollow Church, the Gašpina mlinica mill, and the other town attractions, we suggest that you go on one of the recommended day trips close to Solin.

Sport and recreation

If you would like your holiday to be active, Solin is the perfect place for recreation and sport. You can go on long walks, go jogging, cycling or participate in other recreational sports. Do you like going on long walks? Gospin otok on the Jadro River is the perfect place for spending time with your family. With plenty of trees and plants and little ducks swimming on the beautiful Jadro River, you will find calm and tranquility away from the city noise...


Being the cradle of Croatian history, Solin is a town of rich historical heritage which also offers plenty of cultural events organized by various cultural associations and institutions. If you have already seen the town attractions and would like to fill your time with culture, we suggest that you visit our well-equipped library, interesting exhibitions, Tusculum Museum or to learn more about the ancient souvenir workshop...