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The Amphitheatre

In the vicinity of the amphitheatre, to its south, there was a cemetery for gladiators killed in the arena. From their epitaphs, we learn their names, origins, homelands and fighting specialities.

Gospin otok

The church of Our Lady of the Islet was mentioned in many documents dated in the 12th, 13th, 14th and subsequent centuries. Before the church, it was understood that certificates were issued and agreements were made, yet from none of these documents can it be determined which building of Solin this was. Therefore, this locality is still a subject of scientific disputes. We have presented our opinion.

Šuplja crkva

The church is from the 11th century, linked with the coronation of Zvonimir as a Croatian king in 1075, built within a large early-Christian basilica, probably from the 6th century. Next to the church, there was a Benedictine monastery, possibly connected with the dynasty, which is a possible reason why the new church was built within the old one, to become the site of such an important event. This fact has made this early-Romanesque three-aisled basilica particularly famous.