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House Parać

The traditional house Parać, owned by the Town of Solin, and located in the ancient amphitheater was built in 1863 from the stone of the Salona amphitheater. It contains an archaeological collection (amphorae and sculpture casts from Solin’s heritage) located on the first floor, while on the ground floor one can find an open restoration workshop led by students of conservation and restoration at UMAS. The aim of the workshop is to show tourists how to work with original material and decorative and utility objects from ancient times. Besides the exhibition, visitors are offered free promotional materials and supporting tourist infrastructure (water, sanitary facilities). The house is open to visitors every day except Sunday, and the entrance to the house is free.

Aquarium Split

Split is the first city on the Croatian coast that had a public aquarium. Many citizens of Split still remember how they watched the underwater world through a glass basin at the Institute on the cape Marjan. Aquarium Split is the largest marine aquarium in Croatia and offers visitors a unique experience of enjoying the beautiful underwater world.

The old mill Gašpina mlinica

Gašpina mlinica is one of the rare watermills on the Jadro River that has been preserved. It was built in the early 18th century and the first records of the mill date back to 1711. Its structure consists of four low, stone buildings in a row with gable roofs covered with stone plates. Over the centuries, this structure has been modified and upgraded, which is evident from the subsequently built windows on the facade...

Solin today

Besides its rich cultural heritage, past and present of Solin, happy town by river Jadro and youngest town in Croatia is marked with visit of Pope John Paul II to St.Mary Island in 1998., but also with endangered endemic trout subspecie Softmouth trout, Swamp cypress as natural monument, The old mill Gašpina mlinica from 18th century, river Jadro „our Croatian Jordan" and New Antiquities Stone park and more...