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It is our pleasure to announce our Romantic Show in Salona, aimed at interpreting the ancient heritage of Solin and Salona.

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Romance in Salona

Romance in Salona is an event that takes place every year in July at the archaeological site of Salona, and aims to "revive" the history with high-quality and authentic interpretation of ancient heritage by organizing theme nights which creatively present the life in Salona in ancient times. This event contributes to the promotion of Salona, but also improves the quality of the destination, especially at the site of the Salona. We are proud that the mentioned event is the winner of the annual tourism award "Simply the Best 2013" (crystal statues and gold Charter) which are awardec by the UHPA and travel magazine Way to Croatia in the category of Special awards for the invention and development of tourism products, within the business tourism marketplace PUT in Malinska on the island Krk.

The program of the event each year includes "Ancient night" which begins by entrance of the Emperor Diocletian, accompanied by the Empress Prisca, Roman guards and gladiators, with the sounds of drums in the amphitheater. After the arrival of the Emperor and Empress on the stage, visitors enjoy the gladiator fights, ancient dances and spectacular show with fire. At the entrance hall of the amphitheater a fair of ancient craft is held, with the presentation of various ancient crafts (blacksmith, potter, basket makers, ceramist, loom, selling local products, workshops of ancient mosaics, open restoration workshop, antique hair styles, antique dishes, antique game of red mullet, bow and arrows, stone carving, ancient togas). Romantic spirit of the evening is completed with hostesses in ancient togas with torches and Roman guards, and visitors can enjoy a free tour of Salona with a tourist guide.

Video ot the event from 2019.