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This winterfestival presents through 4 various topics all cultural, natural and religious heritage of city of Solin to its citizens, tourists and visitors from sorrounding areas. Since it is by population the youngest town in Croatia, it also emhapsizes the importance of life and family values. Besides the education of its citizens (children and adults) and development of cultural events through winter season, it is also aimed to create a new tourist product in winter in order to position city of Solin as 365 days destination, according to the strategic goals of croatian tourism.


**Gastronomic event “Duck-traditional Solin recipes“Sat 12.01.2019.19:00hRestaurant Gašpić
*Flour workshopWed 16.01.2019.17:00h-18:00hGašpina watermill
Stories about river JadroFri 18.01.2019.18:00-19:00hCultural institution Zvonimir
*Souvernir workshopMon 14.01./Wed 16.01.2019.10:00-10:45hCultural institution Zvonimir


*Trip„ Experience and shape Salona“Sat 19.01.2019.10:00-12:30hSalona/House Parać
Art workshop „Beautiful Salona“Sat 19.01.2019.10:00-11:30h City library
*Old crafts schoolMon 21.01.-Fri 25.01.2019.16:00-19:00hHotel President Solin
*Ancient gamesWed 23.01/Thu 24.01.201910:00-10:45hCultural institution Zvonimir
*Archaeological workshopMon 21.01/Tue 22.01.2019.10:00-11:30hTusculum museum – Salona
*Trip „Traces of Turkish times“Sat 26.01.2019.09:30-13:00hGradina Solin/Klis fortress
Museum nightFri 1.02.2019.18:00-23:00hMuseum Tusculum Salona, Cultural institution Zvonimir


Classical music concert „ENDeM Saxophone Quartet”Tue 29.01.2019.19:30Cultural institution Zvonimir – Gallery Zvonimir
*Drawing schoolMon 28.01./Wed 30.01.2019.10:00-10:45hCultural institution Zvonimir
**Gastronomic and dance event "Dalmatian night”Sat 02.02.2019.19:00h Restaurant Gašpić
*Trip „Our Lady of Sinj route“Sun 03.02.2019.08:00h-18:00hRama (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sinj


* Comic workshopTue 05.02.2019.19:00-20:30hFamily and children center
Gastronomic event „Cakes from grandma's oven“Sat 09.02.2019.18:00-19:00hGašpina watermill
Creative workshop "I love you" Sat 09.02.2019. 10:00h-11:30h City library
Theatre play „Roko & Cicibela“Sun 10.02.2019.19:30hCultural institution Zvonimir
Stand up comedian show „Beautful love“Fri 08.02.2019.19:00hCultural institution Zvonimir
*Valentine danceThu 14.02.2019.19:00hHotel President Solin