Romance in Salona 2021.


The aim of this event, which will take place in the summer in 3 different periods, is to "revive" history through an excellent and authentic interpretation of ancient heritage. This will be achieved with organized themed evenings that depict the life in a creative way in Salona in ancient times. This event contributes to the promotion of the ancient Salona and Solin as well as to the improvement of the content quality available, and hence directly affects the increase in the number of visitors. We are pleased to mention that this event won the annual tourist award Simply the best 2013 (crystal statue and golden charter) awarded by UHPA and the travel magazine Way to Croatia in the category of Special Recognitions for inventiveness and development of tourist products, within the Business Tourism Exchange PUT in Malinska on the island of Krk.

The event will be held for the 10th year in a row (since 2012). It has attracted a significant number of visitors, and the number is still constantly growing. The event has positioned itself truly as the central event of the Solin Cultural Summer and the media brand of the town of Solin. The satisfaction of the performers and visitors is at the very highest level, and presence in the media has been improving with each year. The main goal is achieved – the promotion and preservation/ revival of ancient cultural heritage through the program "Revived History", and the promotion of the sites in the domestic and international tourism market. The number of visitors to the archeological site of Salona and the city of Solin has also overall grown, and the revenues generated in catering, trade, etc. have also increased.



In 2021, the program will consist of the following thematic events:

  • Ancient beauty corner - Tusculum Salona - 04.07.2021 - this evening marks the beginning of the event Romance in the Salon. The event presents how women beautified themselves in ancient times with different makeup, fragrances and hairstyles, while in the evening our famous cellist Ana Rucner will give a performance.
  • Antiquity along the river Jadro - Solin city center - 30.07.2021 - this evening we bring a touch of antiquity to the center of Solin with a fair of ancient crafts – blacksmith, potter, basketmaker, togas, workshop of ancient souvenirs and mosaics, sale of beauty products; all accompanied by a musical performance by Stipan Popovic and Ivana Kenk Kalebic (mandolin and guitar).
  • Ancient fairy tales, games and the workshop of ancient mosaics - Tusculum Salona - 06.08.2021 - On this evening Andrijana Vicković (actress of the Croatian National Theater in Split) will lead a fairy tale workshop on theme of Antiquity. In addition, visitors will be able to try ancient games such as Nine Men’s Morris, Terni Lapilli and etc., as well as participate in the making of antique mosaics and an archeological workshop.

As part of the event in Tusculum, our visitors are provided with a free tour of Salona on 04.07. and 06.08.2021. Admission free.

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