Culture and entertainment


In order to assist the growth of tourism in Solin, the town's Tourist Board is the organizer and co-organizer of various cultural and entertainment events, including Romance in Salona that takes place in august for the second year in a row, co-organized by the town of Solin and „From the Solin Pot – what did our ancestors use to eat?“ culinary event which, in cooperation with the Association of people of Solin, is organized in September at the Gašpina mlinica mill. The importance of tourism for the town of Solin is demonstrated by the fact that the town sponsors the International Festival of Tourist Film that has now been taking place in the Solin President Hotel for many years...

Romance in Salona

The goal of this event is the "revival" of the history through high-quality and authentic interpretation of ancient heritage by organizing three theme nights, through which we will show the life in Salona in ancient times, in a creative way. This event contributes to the promotion of Salona, as well as the improvement of quality of the content in the destination, especially at the site of Salona, and thus directly influences the increase in the number of visitors in the destination.

From the Solin Pot

In order to promote the Gašpina mlinica mill as well as to promote the culinary offer of the town of Solin, the Solin Tourist Board, supported by the town of Solin and the Association of the people of Solin, is organizing From the Solin Pot culinary event which will take place at the Gašpina mlinica mill in September 2014. The event includes a cooking competition between the citizens of Solin as well as the rich accompanying cultural and entertainment program and prizes for the competition winners.

Tourism Film Festival

Already a tradition and with an established international reputation, the festivals INTERSTAS, ITF'CRO - INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FILM FESTIVAL and KEA/Entente Florale Europe - CRO (members and partners of the world associations: FEST, ITCO, FIJET, AEFP), that have been taking place in the town of Solin for many years in a row, are now regarded as very dynamic and important cultural and tourism industry events in the region. In the context of tourism, tourism film, travel, tourism journalism, environmental protection, ecology and sustainable development, they are gaining increasing recognition within the travel industry. They are actively contributing to the growth of tourism in the world thanks to being highly regarded and superbly organized, along with offering a wide range of creative accompanying activities.

International historic cities congress

International cartoon festival

Advent in Solin


Towards Easter

Organized by the Tourist Board of Solin, the association Solinjani, every year on the eve of Easter is held a gastronomic event "Towards Easter", which aims to present the traditional Easter gastronomic offer of Solin and foster the development of tourist products in the pre-season.

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