Izletište Jadro


Jadro - excursion destination

The history of Solin, Split and its surroundings is linked to the Jadro River, which is still a source of drinking water today. The Jadro River springs at the foot of Mount Mosor and has been and still is an important source of water for the population and surrounding towns.

The value of the Jadro River is high because apart from plant and animal species, many valuable monuments of ancient and croatian history, as well as the natural and industrial heritage of modern times, are extended along the river. The "Jadro - Source of Life" project integrates all these motifs of the Jadro River. The excursion destination combines the economic-cultural and natural wealth that this river has brought in the course of history with the important civilizations that have lived off this river and preserved it in its present form.

The Jadro River, as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, has earned the role of the protagonist describing in the first person all the most important events, from the beginnings to the present day, and guiding the visitor through all the corners of time that it has witnessedThe symbolic value of the continuous flow that has been there before us and will be there after we are gone is to be regarded as a bonding element that allows us to tell you a story through a line that creates different forms and leads you through different themes in an innovative way so that you can have a complete experience and immerse yourself in the story of the river that represents life.

The Jadro is sometimes calm and mild, sometimes unpredictable and complex. Its line is also a symbol of time, seen through the eyes of the Jadro River, which has been preserved through the centuries and will remain here for a long time as a precious heritage that we preserve from oblivion for all those who have yet to discover the true greatness of this small river.


The visitor center is located in a one-story building with a green flat roof as well as a multimedia room and a basement with a hatchery for softmouth trout, an endemic endangered species from the area. The center has green technology applications installed, which, in addition to their educational character, also aim to protect the environment. Modern technology also makes it possible to monitor the number of visitors to avoid overloading the system and endangering the flora and fauna of the picnic area.

In the center's media room, there is a children's corner, interactive educational materials for children but also a film and an app for adults about ecology and nature protection to protect nature and the Jadro River itself.

A tactile pathway leads from the orientation panel at the entrance to the picnic area to the visitor center, facilitating access for the visually impaired and blind, while people with limited mobility can access all facilities with the help of an inclined lift platform.

Fish hatchery

As the softmouth trout is an endangered species, artificial hatchery is an important factor in the survival of this endemic species. Just before egg-laying, which occurs in February and March, queens are fished from the river and placed in pools that simulate the river's natural environment with vegetation and natural substrate. Trout is protected throughout all phases of their development, from fertilized eggs to fry when they return to their natural habitat. Visitors in smaller groups can discover the entire reproduction process through a projection of egg-laying and softmouth trout.


An old Second World War bunker has been converted into an information center for the softmouth trout. There are also information panels on the walls dedicated to Solinka trout, and there are also tactile replicas of trout. There is also a multi-touch table with a visualization of the course of the Jadro River and interactive applications, while there is a special immersive space in the bunker dome with a natural periscope and a "Walk on Water" application.


Knowledge platforms

As parts of a mosaic that brings together a complete history of the river, its region and its inhabitants, past and present, ten "knowledge platforms" are extended along the nature trail in the picnic area. The platforms contain texts and photos about natural, cultural, and industrial heritage areas.

Pannelli Off-Road

Creative panels placed in the picnic area and along the forest paths narrate a different and somewhat unusual story. On the panels, peculiar and curious tales about the river and its inhabitants from nearby villages have been rescued from oblivion.

Other leisure activities

The park is equipped with a bocce court, a children's playground, weather stations, and hiking trails through for those who wish to better discover the natural beauty of the Jadro River.


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