Project: Jadro - source of life


Starting from the still living memory, but also the exceptional value and stratification of the source area, the goal of the project "Jadro- Source of Life" is to create a unique visitor area of ​​the special reserve and the surrounding area in order to preserve biodiversity, with emphasis on protected trout. and Salona one of the symbols of Solin.

Jadro is the source of life in the whole of Dalmatia, because due to this source in the protected bay Salona and Diocletian's Palace developed, to which an ancient aqueduct leads from the area of ​​the source, which still supplies about 300,000 inhabitants. Solin, but also the population of the agglomeration has lost contact with Rika, so it is poorly presented to tourists, although in itself, and especially its protected parts and cultural heritage that has developed along 4.2 km, is a strong but poorly used attraction .

The project of valorization of the Jadro spring, which the partners have been developing since 2015, looks at its natural and spatial values ​​and creatively responds to a number of problems, putting into operation the visitor infrastructure of the existing dilapidated building (iconic World War II bunker and industrial facility). the plateau of the former tupinoloma turns into a school of multifaceted development with 5 sensory polygons, adapted for people with disabilities. The revitalization of the tupinoloma also ensures the reception of a larger number of visitors and prevents their excessive number and retention within the scope of the strict reserve. The scenario for tupinola was created in a participatory, interdisciplinary process and was recognized by the European Cultural Foundation (Mayday! Majdan! Majdaj! Project), followed by the elaboration of a project idea for the scope of the reserve and the contact zone. pay special attention to the infrastructure and conditions for valorization and protection of the ichthyological reserve, and together with other partners design educational content to inform, sensitize and learn to adequately use the protected area.

Recreation, relaxation and enjoyment of the natural heritage are upgraded by education about endangered species, especially trout, which will renew its fund through a mobile hatchery, then karst systems, rivers and biodiversity. All these facilities have not been available so far, just like the basic visitor infrastructure, so visitors, on average about 50 a day, used the area primarily for recreation, often inadequately since there is no supervision. The project aims to reach the population and visitors of the entire urban agglomeration of Split (UAS), which together with SDŽ records a continuous increase in tourists who create pressure on the coastal area and Split.

The river Jadro is an insufficiently recognized comparative advantage of Solin, and its source, well connected with the center of the UAS and only 15 minutes away from it by car, is a unique complex in which natural and cultural values ​​overlap, but also clearly follows the way in which natural heritage has been exploited throughout history, which makes this area a kind of memento.

The project „Jadro-source of life" transforms the degraded area of ​​the strict reserve and its contact zone, but also the knowledge and awareness of the protection and importance of natural heritage. This puts the space on educational, mental and tourist maps and puts it in the function of the development of the local and regional economy.

Project details:

Duration: 01.10.2016.-30.06.2021.

Source of funding: European Regional Development Fund, measure 6c.2.2.

Main project coordinator: Public institution „More i Krš“

Project partners: City of Solin, Tourist board of Solin

Contact person: Dujo Vlastelica

Project budget: 24.444.765,33 HRK

Financed By EU: 19.026.352,94 HRK

More information on the Structural Funds and the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion at: www.strukturnifondovi.hr

The content of the publication is the sole responsibility of the Public Institution More i Krš and the partner of the project „Jadro-source of life" - the City of Solin and the Tourist Board of Solin.

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